Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

Created by Studio Koba, Narita Boy

Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game
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5,012 backers pledged €160,946.66 on Kickstarter

Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes

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€160,946.66 / 5,012 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

New trailer "80s gameplay"
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 12:40:52 AM

Dear backers

First at all, sorry for the delay to come up with more updates. These last months have been frantic. We have few hands, lots of work and we feel pressured to make something superb.

Our philosophy is to limit the spoilers of what we are doing because we trust in the power of surprise. That´s why we ask you patience and trustiness. We are not wasting our time nor your money. And we sincerely seek to satisfy your expectations.

Sleepless nights....Bug Bug Bug....
Sleepless nights....Bug Bug Bug....

80's gameplay

Ok! What you are about to watch is our alpha 80s gameplay trailer. The 80s gameplay of the game is about 30% of it. We bring a big surprise, a new game mechanic, the beat em up! Now you’ll see what we meant when we said we were inspired by Double Dragon.

The stages in the 80s are a fresh break to enjoy some arcade experience and release huge amounts of adrenaline. There are less storytelling and character interaction and more hand to hand combat. We learn the connection between the Digital Kingdom and the mysterious role of Lionel pearl, creator of the Narita One. We are putting tons of love to make animations for every instance of the game. Enemies react in a different way depending on where you hit them and props on the map are fully breakable. You can throw enemies, use barrels to hit them and beat them with your knees. All our animation and fx are done frame by frame in pixel art, which is a really handcrafted and time-consuming way to design. Yet the final result deserves it.

Narita Boy Sukajan!
Narita Boy Sukajan!

Where we are

Now, where are we in the game design planning. The full game design is almost done. The Digital Kingdom has 4 big maps and inside every map, there are around 3-4 sub-maps full of enemies, weird characters and unique backgrounds. Every map has specifically-designed vehicles, items and single events. In order to complete each big map, you need to travel to the 80s through different spots. Thes game design includes the NPC´s design and the background design. The scripts have been already written (who says what, where and when). 75% DONE


And what about the code? Good news! The game core is done, Narita Boy is fully operative in the Digital Kingdom and in the 80s. It was a big challenge to come up with two different mechanics, hack and slash in a vertical path and beat em up in a vertical/horizontal scrolling. In fact is like making two games in one.

A.I. enemies in the 80s are done! We have written tons of code to polish the experience and get close to what we expect a great beat em up should be. Thanks to our coder Manu, a guy who barely needs to sleep...

The code to connect scenes is almost done as well. Cinematics videos are being a key element to connect scenes and support the storytelling.

Performing the game? 60fps forever and ever.

After the next summer we will know if we gonna need extra muscle for coding but right now we are meeting our target. 40% DONE


In terms of design, we are moving our web page server and redesigning it. It is still working on some parts but it looks much more simple and clean. Thanks Chie for that!


We also redesigned the Narita Boy logo and Studio Koba logo. We have drawn much more material for the art, the manual book and the encyclopedia.


Studio Koba New Logo
Studio Koba New Logo


Carita Boy New Logo
Carita Boy New Logo


Music? Yep! We have 6 new songs. Since we have the overall design of the Digital Kingdom, it is much easier to inspire the musician. Thanks, Salva! We are making tons of arpeggios, dark ambiences and sound fx. The music will be connected with the code to emphasize the oneiric and emotional part of the gaming experience.

Finally Trailer! Enjoy!


Thanks to all backers!

Well, I think that’s all by now. Sorry again for taking time to update. Your patience and trustiness are key to our success. We will continue with the hard work to bring to you the game you deserve. Pray for us backers, time to back to work!

Summer update
6 months ago – Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 01:00:15 AM

Thank you for waiting long. Updating our progress in this summer.

Mainly we have been working the mechanics and the backgrounds. And designing enemies, NPCs and items.

We are pretty close to achieving a prototype version where you can walk from the Digital kingdom to the 80s streets. Thousands of bug comes every day.... We have been fighting against them.

The mechanics

We are at 75% so far. We have many character events depending on the dimension, where Narita Boy is crossing. Naria boy character events will radically switch between two universes. We wanna keep the surprise but we promise that it gonna rocks!

Designing enemies, NPCs and items

We have designed many enemies. We have been trying to deliver many different enemies with different combos, behaviours and moods. We are putting many efforts into the animation to make something fluid with high-quality details.

Working as well on NPCs and items you will cross in the 80s stages. We have been making tonnes of props and breakable items with particles and awesome effects. You will have fun with them.

The background

We are very close to finishing one big 80s background with lots of details such as a neon advertising, graffiti and etc. Pretty fun to watch it. We hope tonnes of little detail to make an awesome experience for the player.

We are working hard with a passion to deliver the best experience possible. After the core mechanics are done we will focus on the overall world designing.

Thanks for your support!!

Busy but happy!
8 months ago – Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 12:00:35 AM

Hy Everyone!

So sorry for don´t update as often as we would. Bit overwhelming? who say fear!

Also we are bit late on the survey step, sorry for that too. Hope in a couple of weeks we can make it happen.

Well, in terms of production things are going very well. We Hired an awesome dev. that he is making literally magic!

We are also in the game design stage, creating maps, events, building the story.

No break allowed! just hard work! :D

Let me share with you guys a little stage that we are working on right now!


Next Step: About the survey
10 months ago – Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 01:19:39 AM

Thank you for backing Narita Boy. We inform here about our survey. 

What is the survey?

The survey is one of the step after Kickstarter campaign was successfully finished. We need to collect several information such as shipping information / country / choice of add-ons to deliver your rewards.

  • For all backers: We will ask the country you live now due to report tax in Spain. 
  • For backers, who backed tier with physical rewards: We will ask shipping address. 
  • For backers with extra pledges: We will ask you the choice of add-ons.

Depends on what tier you backed for, we will ask different questions to collect necessary informations for delivering your rewards.  

How we make it?

We decided to make the survey through a BackerKit. We believe using BackerKit service makes backer's survey experience easier, more convenient and comfortable. And also it helps us save lots of time by streamlining the survey process and automating data organization.

We know some of backers, their pledges are declined. Through this BackerKit survey, you can come back. This is another merit for using BackerKit.

You will receive the invitation email, which contains a link to your personal survey. You will not need to create a BackerKit account to answer your survey. You just need to click the link on the mail.

If you used Facebook to log into your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey link will be sent to the email you used for your Facebook account. 

When we send the invitation email of survey?

We plan to send it in early June. Now we are working on the questions, which goes into the survey. Once we know exact date to send out, we will inform you in here, int the Kickstarter updates. 

You might think it is too early to collect the shipping address. If you move and need to change your shipping information, you can click on the link in your survey email to update again. 

Keep following our Facebook, twitter and Instagram for the newest images and news. Thanks for all your support.



Goal!! Thank you to all backers!!
11 months ago – Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 12:26:14 PM

160,946€ was pledged by 5012 backers

Thank you to all backers!! The campaign of Narita Boy was ended beautifully and dramatically. It was really excited to reach the initial goal. Then today, in last minutes, we reached our 2nd stretch goal 160K and over 5000 backers. It was like a drama and really beautiful happy ending.

We know there are many backers, who believed us to unlock the consoles. We are really sorry that we could not make it happen. However who knows what future holds. Let´s see.

We feel like runner's high after finishing the full marathon. Right now we are tired after running long campaign but at same time very excited to achieve this campaign successfully and start development. 

We need good sleep for now, and start working hard for the development from tomorrow. We keep updating our status and news. 

Thank you so much for believing and supporting Narita Boooooooooyyyyy!! 

Studio Koba team