Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

Created by Studio Koba, Narita Boy

Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Great news! bit late but very great news
over 1 year ago – Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 01:48:56 AM

Dear backers,

Development is going very well, and we have begun the porting process to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch whilst adding final polish to the PC version. We are currently fixing bugs, improving navigation issues and working on language localisations.

Feedback from play testers has been very positive and really useful to help us improve some features of the final game.

We are also working on a new trailer for you all to see and to announce Narita Boy officially to the world! This will showcase all our hard work over the years, and we can finally announce our publishing partner and hopefully release window. Rest assured that Narita Boy will release in 2021.

The soundtrack is now finished (and sounds amazing!) and will are looking at releasing in-line with the main game.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, and we are really excited to share it with you.

Thanks again for your support and your patience. Not long now!

Narita Boy!


Locking the survey!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 02:36:37 PM

Dear backer,

The game content will be finished in the coming weeks. We have added new minions, improved existing enemies and added visual combat FX. We are also working on SFX and music implementation, menus, the HUD and lots of little details to improve your gaming experience. We are very excited to be close to a final version!

FX Hits&Slash Implementation

Thus, we will lock the survey on August 3rd Monday at 8pm (CEST, Barcelona time zone).

If you haven't answered yet, please visit your survey page on the BackerKit. Also if you want/need to change your answer, you can also update it on there.

Lost your survey email?

If you lost your survey email, you can visit the survey recovery page( Please enter your email address to receive another survey link. 

When will your credit card be charged?

After locking the survey, BackerKit will charge your credit card for add-ons and presales. This applies only to add-ons made after the Kickstarter campaign. Add-ons purchased during the campaign have been already charged by Kickstarter.

Moving after locking the survey?

Don´t worry if you need to change the sending address. Just send us a message with a new address. We will update it.

Physical Rewards

We will start making physical rewards after the game-release. We will need some time until we can send out the physical rewards. Once we have the schedule for physical rewards, we will tell you more in our update.

After locking the survey we will insert your names on the game credits. We will release another update on the game development after the summer.

Have a great summer and thanks again for your support.

Narita Booooooooy!!!

Update June 2020
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 01:35:37 AM

Dear Backers,

Thanks for your patience and your support, we’re sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while.

We have been working 24/7 and are making fantastic progress with Narita Boy.

The game is fully designed and implemented, and we are now working on improving combat mechanics and polishing the last few features including tutorials, menus, text editing, cinematics, sound design and the soundtrack.

We don’t have an official release date yet, but we will be sharing that with you as soon as we can.

We are very proud of the game we’ve created, and we hope that you will enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. The team have put all their effort and energy into this, so we’d like to give them a shout-out and take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment and hard work.

The making of Narita Boy has been a challenging adventure and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Thanks again for your support.

Naritaaaaaa Boy!

Update January 2020
over 2 years ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 01:05:23 AM

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to share our first update of 2020 and give you a little insight into what we’ve been up to over the past few months…

Last year we restructured our team and made changes to our systems to improve workflow and make sure we’re working as efficiently as we can!

Development Update

Since we restructured and implemented new tools, we’ve been able to clean up our code so that things run more efficiently. We also improved visuals, updated art assets and implemented stages with 3D depth. The game is still in 2D, but the background isn’t so flat now – we’ve included a video below to show you!

The background now moves depending on Narita Boy’s position. Compare this to our first Kickstarter trailer from back in 2017 and you’ll really notice the difference! We hope that this will give you a much richer visual experience.

Our team is working together to bring their wealth of knowledge and experience from different areas to improve the overall design of Narita Boy too! We want to make sure we are giving players the best experience with the game, not just through good music and visuals, but also through the depth of gameplay and story.

We’ve developed more combat systems than previously shown in our Kickstarter campaign. Our programmers, Dani, has a passion for the mechanics used in Nintendo games and is using his insight to improve the gameplay experience too. Aswell as David, taking the role with Eduardo of game design, he has nailed the overall game feel and bring Narita Boy to a very new level.

Moving to a new office in central Barcelona meant that we were able to start inviting friends who love and/or work in the games industry to play the demo. This allowed us to get some valuable feedback and improve the game.

We’d like to say thanks to our Senior Programmer, Alvaro, who has worked hard to help us deep code and clean up the code on Narita Boy. All the improvements we have made in the past few months could not have been done without the amazing team we have working on Narita Boy!

Music & SFX

Our musician and sound designer, Salvinsky, has done some amazing work with the soundtrack and SFX design. We’ve been looking at the best way to experience sound in the game and have started to implement some of the SFX.

New Programmer

We’ll be welcoming a new Senior Programmer in February! Adri has over fifteen years of coding experience and previously worked with our Lead Programmer, David. Adri will be helping us build the line code and take Narita Boy to the next level!

We can’t wait to share more with you in future. Thanks for all of your support so far!

Studio Koba

Update October 2019
over 2 years ago – Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 01:21:07 AM

Hey everyone,

We’re sorry to have kept you waiting for this update!

We’ve had some changes internally which have affected our schedule. This means that we’re unable to give you a release date just yet. 

However, we are excited to share that we have partnered with a publisher, so you can expect to see an announcement soon!

A new studio and new programmers!

We’ve also moved to a new studio so we now have more space and a bigger budget to finish the game.

We have restructured our dev team with 3 full-time programmers, who are really passionate and committed to the project.

The new studio of STUDIO KOBA!

On the development side, we still want to improve on the game’s design, but the backgrounds and animations are done and the music, sound design and coding are all well underway too!

We now understand why some indie projects or Kickstarters campaigns do not result in a finished game being published. Our determination and confidence in Narita Boy have helped us to overcome some difficult situations and we are confident in our development moving forward.

The decision to delay the release date announcement has been difficult. We understand that some people will be frustrated by this and we are truly sorry. In taking this decision we were inspired by Super Mario Bros creator, Miyamoto, when he said “A delayed game is eventually good but a rushed game is forever bad”.

We have taken this decision because we firmly believe that it is the best for Narita Boy and we are confident that we will publish the best game we can.

The survey is kept open

We will be keeping the survey and add-ons open. If you need to change your address or your answers to the survey, you can update them on your survey page of the BackerKit, here:

Thank for your continued patience and support.

We’ll have another update for you in the coming weeks.

Studio Koba